Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Brussels Sprouts Cake (Yup, that’s right…)

I got a request from a friend for a Brussels (Belgium) themed, brussel sprout cake.  This was one of the strangest orders I have gotten and I was definitely stumped at first.  I couldn’t think of any options that wouldn’t be disgusting and then it hit me; carrot cake.  I used my normal carrot cake recipe, which I love, and just substituted half of the carrot for grated sprouts.  It actually ended up tasting good!!  The cake had a slight brussely smell but I couldn’t taste the sprouts.  
For the Brussels themed chocolate piece I featured a map of Belgium, raw brussels sprouts and Charls Mingus (one of my friend’s favorite jazz artists), who died in Brussels.  I also grated Belgium chocolate over the border.